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Senate Postpones Health Vote; Is ACA Here to Stay?

The healthcare vote in the Senate has been delayed because they do not have enough votes to get it through the Budget Reconciliation process, which requires 51 votes to pass. In addition, if something isn’t passed by August 1 of this year, I think they will move on to tax reform and

New Senate Health Bill Includes Waiver Wild Card

Here in California, it’s safe to say we as a State would not be asking the federal government for a waiver. The State of California has been a big proponent of the ACA and the Covered California Exchange. If more control is left up to the States it’s the “ Status

Rental Car Coverage

The time is finally here. You’ve had a count down for months now. You have everything ready, bags are packed, plane tickets ready, you saved up and have all your spending money ready to go. You have everything checked off your list, or so you thought. Until you land and the rental

The Simple Truth About Modifications in California

In dealing with the changes in the new modification calculation (4th one in 4 years) by the WCIRB, I have been attempting to explain what happened to a majority of my clients. Below is an actual email that I sent to a client in order to attempt to explain what

Who’s Covered by Workers’ Compensation? The Answer Just Changed.

  Existing law states that the Workers Compensation system will compensate an employee for injuries sustained in the course of his or her employment. Existing law also allows for some individuals to choose to exclude themselves from Workers Compensation if he or she owns part of the company. In the case

Drones and Insurance: Is Your Business Protected?

It used to be that only the U.S. military used drones in their business. Not any longer. In 2016, individuals and businesses have close to 1,000,000 drones and they do represent a significant liability exposure. For now, let’s just take a look at drones used for business. Many businesses already use

Do you fear COBRA? If not, maybe you should?

Noncompliance with COBRA laws could result in astronomical penalties, legal fees, and other expenses.  Consider this: A maximum of $110 penalty per affected participant or beneficiary per day from the date the noncompliance started. Personal liability imposed on plan administrators.  It is not unheard of for COBRA violations to cost a company thousands

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Employee Handbook?

Employee handbooks are an essential part of effective HR management.  Handbooks are also an important risk management tool.  Since employee handbooks are not required by law, organizations may determine the best method and most effective means to communicate important HR-related information to their employees. An employee handbook should help reduce risk