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A Nightmare of Data Theft & Cyber Attack to Avoid

People were celebrating a recent New Year’s Eve in the streets and clubs of San Diego, when burglars broke into the offices of a nearby company and carried off computer hardware. Undiscovered until after the holiday, it appeared to be a random theft. In addition to the computers, the burglars got

The Connection Between Steven Tyler and Your Work Comp Rates

Recently I listened to an interview of Steven Tyler (yes, the front person for Aerosmith and now an American Idol judge). The discussion involved his 2009 stage fall and subsequent damage to his shoulder which contributed to the cancellation of the band's tour. Tyler expressed rage following the incident at his

Crackdown on California Underground Economy

On December 29th 2011 the Department of Insurance in California released the following bulletin. Employers who have operated honestly and with integrity toward their employees have struggled to compete against individuals operating business on a cash basis. A few of these legitimate business owners have succumbed to the illegal operations.

Are You a C-Corp looking for a Tax Deduction?

At some point in your life, either you or someone you love — a parent, your spouse, your spouse’s parent — may need assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating, or moving from place to place, toileting and incontinence.  Whether it’s delivered at home or in

Life Insurance Reality Check: Do You Have Enough?

Life insurance is something that no one likes to think about.  All the same, 86% of Americans believe that life insurance is something most people need, and most of us have some.1 That’s the good news. The bad news is that most Americans don’t have enough. More than a third don’t

Tips for a Safer Halloween

Even if your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat on their own, they still need help from parents to ensure that when they leave the house, they have everything they need to stay safe. Consider these tips: Be sure your child takes a working flashlight along or a supply of glow

Cal/OSHA Fines Prominent Pharmaceutical Firm $371,250

July, 21st 2011, Cal/OSHA fines prominent pharmaceutical firm $371,250. Please go to Cal/OSHA’s website on the below link to read the article. Are you in compliance with all OSHA safety requirements! Is your firm at risk of severe fines? If you would like to have a conversation on what these safety fines

Share the Road with Motorcycles & Scooters

With nice weather upon us, there are more motorcycles and scooters sharing the road -- so remember to take these extra precautions: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly half of all fatal motorcycle crashes, including scooters, involve another type of motor vehicle. Motorcycle safety isn’t just for

Children Away At College

Do you have a child going away to college and planning to live off-campus? These days, most apartment complexes and property management companies now require their tenants to carry renter’s insurance prior to moving in. With most of our companies, the personal property and liability coverage automatically extends from the