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Drones and Insurance: Is Your Business Protected?

It used to be that only the U.S. military used drones in their business. Not any longer. In 2016, individuals and businesses have close to 1,000,000 drones and they do represent a significant liability exposure. For now, let’s just take a look at drones used for business. Many businesses already use

Cyber Attacks, who needs to be protected?

We’ve all read about the large data breaches to companies like Target, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Ashley Madison and many more. What we do not hear about are the thousands of small businesses that incur Cyber Attacks and how badly it hurts them. If your business stores this kind of data,

Legislation to Fear – AB 1897

There have been numerous veiled attempts to place workplace state compliance issues and labor law violations at the feet of the clients of Farm Labor Contractors. Various state legislators (usually from Los Angeles for some reason) have been chipping away at the protections provided farmers who decide to utilize farm labor

How important is it to hire the right employees?

The difference between hiring the right employees and hiring the wrong employees is usually the difference between a successful business and a failed business. At Van Beurden Insurance, we have developed a process to help you avoid the consequences of a bad hire – which happens more often than most of

Are You A Professional?

Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance? If you aren’t sure, here are a few questions you should ask yourself first: Are you licensed? Are you educated? Are you regulated? Are you an expert? Do you use those words to attract clients? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then professional liability insurance (also known

A New Choice for Dental Professional Liability

Everyone likes to have choices. Dentists have many choices when it comes to how they run their practice. One area where dentists have had very limited choices was in their options for Professional Liability Insurance. For instance, another large Malpractice Insurer in California sells a product that gives the insured dentist no