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Final Audit Preparation – Reason #1,093

The California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau will not include estimated payrolls in an experience modification (ex mod) calculation. If a final audit is late the Bureau will process the worksheet without the payroll data for that policy period however they will include the claims.  Obviously this will wreak havoc on an ex mod

Sent to collections for unpaid Workers Compensation medical bills?

I received a call yesterday from a client that was upset because their company was sent to collections for unpaid workers compensation medical bills. The language in the letters from the collection agencies are very threatening to you and your company. With the current economic times and credit rating being a

Why are Work Comp Rates going Up?

California Work Comp rates are being raised by most insurance companies. Business owners are in a position of trying to deal with declining revenues and increasing costs. In many cases, payroll reductions have actually driven the total insurance premium cost down, but the actual rates on the payroll you have left is going up.

Work Comp for Dentists

What is it that a Dentist wants from his Workers Comp?  As most dentists never use this State Mandated coverage, I assume that what they want is the lowest rate possible.  Do you agree? For 15 years I have worked hard to provide dentists with the lowest cost Workers Compensation Insurance

Return-to-Work Programs Always Work

The cost of not working with your medical provider to have a comprehensive, full pay, return-to-work program is always a lot more than most of my clients would predict. When a claimant is not offered modified or light duty during a claim, the life of that claim is extended greatly and

Targeted Inspection and Consultation Assessments 2010

On March 1st 2010 Cal-OSHA will mail assessments to employers with experience modifications of 125% or more as of 12/31/2009. Payment is due in 30 days or turned over to the State Franchise Tax Board for collection. The amount of the assessment is determined by the annual payroll generated in

Quality Still Counts

Quality claims control (post injury) is and should be one of, if not the, main factor when purchasing California Workers Compensation Insurance in the current marketplace. It is important for business owners to carefully evaluate any new or financially suspect carrier to make sure that their modification (the controllable portion