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GuideOne’s Faith Guard Policy

Big News for buyers of church insurance!  GuideOne Insurance has updated their church insurance policy form effective December 1st, 2009 for new and renewing policies.  In their continuing effort to remain the leader in church insurance, GuideOne’s Faith Guard policy replaces their tried and trusted Cornerstone Plus form.

I have personally done business with GuideOne (the former Preferred Risk Mutual) since 1990, and they continue to offer (in my opinion) the very best in coverage and service,  all at a great price.

I was recently able to move a policy to Van Beurden from one of  GuideOne’s major competitors saving them money , but more importantly, broadening their insurance coverages giving them better protection for those unforeseen things that happen “in life”.

Great Stuff!

Call me and let’s discuss what I can do to help your church.

Brian Loven

Vice President | Kingsburg