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Legislation to Expand Medicaid / Medi-Cal introduced in California

California Assembly Speaker John Perez introduced legislation in California to expand Medi-Cal. This was done to help California comply with the Affordable Care Act, where all US Citizens must have Health Insurance starting in 2014. A Fresno Bee article on the subject may be found here: Legislation to Expand Medi-Cal.

Several things to note in the article include: There are an estiamted 7.1 million Californians without Health Insurance; the proposed legislation will intend to cover about 1 million uninsured; the government has reduced and is seeking to further reduce payments to some Hospitals that accept Medi-Cal patients.

This leaves roughly 6.1 million Californians not covered by the proposed expansion of Medi-Cal. All of them are required to purchase an acceptable form of Health Insurance as defined in the Affordable Care Act starting in January 2014.

If you would like assistance to see how you, your business or your employees will comply with the Affordable Care Act, please give us a call.

Chris Van Beurden

Chief Operating Officer | Kingsburg