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Fewer Californians Get Health Care At Work

The Insurance Journal has just published a new report about where Americans get their Health Insurance coverage. The article may be found on this link.

Over the last 10 years, less workers, who are not subject to Medicare, are purchasing health care coverage from their workplace. This means that they are either uninsured or purchasing insurance privately. The vast majority of these people are uninsured. This is discouraging news on many levels. As the United States does not deny medical care to anyone, all of these uninsureds are now receiving medical attention through a Hospital Emergency Room. Emergency room visits for the uninsured is not the best way to administer health care.

With the Affordable Health Care Act provision that every US Citizen purchase Health Insurance becoming effective in less than 8 months, the increasing ranks of the uninsured will force even more people to face either a new penalty tax, apply for benefits through the California Exchange, called Covered California, or get coverage through their workplace.

Many Californians and even more Americans do not know what to do or what their responsiblities are under the Affordable Care Act. Please contact your local insurance broker to help you and your business work through this situation before the ever increasing amount of uninsured all try and get coverage, once the mandate comes into affect.

Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc. is ready to speak with you and help you find a solution.

Chris Van Beurden

Chief Operating Officer | Kingsburg