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Healthcare Law Education Criticized

The Insurance Journal posted an article about the lack of education for the Affordable Care Act, which has Mandatory Coverage coming into affect in less than 8 months. You may find the article here: Insurance Journal Article.

Most Americans, including most business owners, are not aware of the laws important provisions and their responsibilities. Now, legislators are finally starting to realize that this lack of education will cause problems. The Democrats, who are for the Affordable Care Act, and the Republicans, who are against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have conflicting interests in educating people about the ACA. Democrats need to fund and promote education, while Republicans appear to have cut education funding. A poorly educated American public fits perfectly into Republican goals of trying to see “ObamaCare” fail.

My desire is to have as many people as possible have affordable access to Privately Insured Healthcare. Our current system of the 33 Million Uninsured getting their Primary Healthcare from the Emergency Room is a Moral and Financial mistake. While the Affordable Care Act may not be perfect, I believe it is a step in the right direction toward getting All Americans Health Care and participating in a Private Insurance sytem, instead of reactionary, expensive emergency room health services from a Hospital.

Chris Van Beurden

Chief Operating Officer | Kingsburg