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May 4, 2020 Protect Your Company: COVID-19, Work-From-Home and the Risks of Data Leakage

Our world is dramatically different now. COVID-19 has us all on high alert, guarding the health and safety of ourselves, our families, friends and co-workers, as we change our behaviors to try to survive and move past this awful  pandemic. For many professionals, learning to work almost entirely at home is a

April 1, 2020 FAQ On Issues Affecting California Small Businesses

This is an unprecedented time for all. Van Beurden Insurance wants to help everyone navigate through this unknown territory. What is covered? What is not? What are your options as a business owner? Does Workers’ Compensation insurance apply to COVID-19? Workers’ Compensation insurance could apply in cases where a person contracted the

March 10, 2020 How Much Insurance Is Enough?

What kind of answer do you get when you ask folks how much insurance you should have? Ask an insurance agent, and they might tell you to buy as much as you can afford. Ask an underwriter, and they might tell you to buy as much as they’ll approve. Ask a customer, and

February 19, 2020 Are They Covered? Growers’ Wildfire Smoke Tainted Grapes Claims

The California Wine Country wildfires in October 2017 bring attention to whether or not insurance covers smoke taint damage to grapes and wine. Wineries and grape growers have informed insurers of possible smoke taint damage claims. There was uncertainty at the time some claims were made about whether there actually would

February 5, 2020 It’s Cold Out! Fireplace Safety Tips for a Cozy Winter Season

For many people, the home fireplace becomes more than decorative when it gets cold outside. Fireplaces provide many families with heat to stay warm and toasty – this list can help you keep track of proper maintenance and make sure your fireplace is ready for regular use. General fireplace and chimney

January 16, 2020 New Vehicle Ownership, Driving Laws

Almost every year there are a large number of new California laws affecting vehicle owners and drivers, and 2020 is no exception. California’s Clean Air Vehicle Decal Program has changed. Qualifying low- and zero-emission vehicles can use the high-occupancy vehicle or diamond lanes, regardless of how many people are in the vehicle.