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July 19, 2018 California Surpasses 1,000,000 Contractor Licenses

The State of California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) passed a milestone earlier this year when it issued its one-millionth contractor license to a LA County tree service. I agree with CSLB Registrar Condi Christenson that this milestone says a lot about the resiliency of the construction industry. “Despite ups and

July 17, 2018 The Dynamex Decision and Workers’ Compensation

A recent California State Supreme Court Decision has sent a shockwave through many industries and may adversely affect the way a lot of companies formed themselves, and will affect their business model. It is important to note that the Dynamex v. Lee decision was brought to the court as a

July 12, 2018 What Employers Should Tell Employees About HSAs

There are many reasons why more people don’t take advantage of the savings that come from an HSA (Health Savings Account), but a primary one is that most employers do not inform their employees about how HSAs work and help employees and their families. After all, using an HSA to pay

June 21, 2018 Do You Know Enough About Work Comp Captives to Make a Decision?

Work Comp Group Captives are not new, but as an attractive cost-reducing option, their popularity is growing. With renewed interest in Group Captives, employers should be cautioned with an important question: do you know enough about Captives to make an informed decision? I am not “anti-Group Captive” but I agree with

June 15, 2018 What You Should Know About Captive Insurance

Long considered an alternative market, Captive insurance programs are steadily moving to the forefront of business insurance choices. In this blog, I’ll explain exactly what a captive is, how a captive works with business taxes, and the benefits of captives. I’m indebted to an article published online by the International

June 15, 2018 Is This Goodbye to Independent Contractors?

A landmark new decision of the California Supreme Court gives a clear new definition for determining whether workers in California can be classified as employees or independent contractors. In a comprehensive decision reported in various legal updates, the Court held that there is a presumption that individuals are employees and that

June 14, 2018 3 Trends That Impact the Price of Your Work Comp Insurance

This will be an uncertain one for Workers’ Compensation rates as some programs will see some prices flat and others dropping, according to a market prediction from USI. Plus, medical cost inflation will continue; it’s expected to rise 6 percent year over year, according to Insurance Journal. What that means is

June 14, 2018 Super Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers are responsible for more auto accidents than any other age group. Let that sink in: drivers aged 16-19 have more accidents than drivers older than them, Many accidents could be prevented if young people practiced safer driving techniques, keeping themselves (and their passengers) safe on the road. Plus, they’ll

June 11, 2018 What is Senate Bill 189? How Does it Affect You?

If you’re an officer or Board member of a California corporation, you should be aware that the definition that determines who is eligible to waive Workers’ Compensation insurance has been changed. Originally, California Assembly Bill 2882 – which took effect June 2017 – applied to all Workers’ Compensation policies and narrowed

May 30, 2018 California’s Ag and Other Specific Industries Receive OSHA Reporting Advisory

If you’re a California employer with 20+ employees in an affected industry like agriculture, you need to know this. There’s no state rule yet, nevertheless, Cal/OSHA has advised employers to comply with a Federal OSHA directive to provide only Form 300A data covering calendar year 2017. Federal OSHA requires affected employers