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California Surpasses 1,000,000 Contractor Licenses

The State of California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) passed a milestone earlier this year when it issued its one-millionth contractor license to a LA County tree service.

I agree with CSLB Registrar Condi Christenson that this milestone says a lot about the resiliency of the construction industry. “Despite ups and downs in the marketplace,” she said, “this industry is a major reason the state has thrived, especially during the past century, and why California is the envy of many other states and countries. Construction has helped our state though a depression, economic downturns, wars, natural disasters, and many other challenges.”

It’s true that more licensed and qualified contractors lead to more competition in the marketplace, but I think the real question is:

  • How does California’s approach keep contractors competitive? The answer: it doesn’t. The reason? Contractors are constrained by rising costs of materials, labor and, especially, insurance.

This year, auto premiums are increasing (many of our carriers are increasing auto renewals by as much as 25%). Work Comp carriers are penalizing clients for their claims. Work Comp premiums are at an all-time low, so contractors can only anticipate premium increases in the future. These factors and more make it increasingly tough for contractors to be competitive. What can an individual contractor do?

The answer for California contractors is to turn to a professional insurance advisor who can tailor an insurance solution that enables them to actually compete with other contractors. At Van Beurden Insurance, we have the resources to provide competitive rates – and customize a business plan to maximize future carrier credits, manage claims and keep clients in compliance with OSHA to prevent any fines.

California contractors need assistance navigating through the good and bad choices. I congratulate the 1,000,000th licensed contractor! Let me advise you to make sure you are protected and prepared to deal with any situation. Call to begin our conversation.

Van Beurden Author