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You and your clients may have noticed increasing umbrella rates – here’s why

Fast-rising costs have affected auto rates – and umbrella rates are facing similar trends. While many carriers respond by restricting coverage, I’ve found Safeco continues to offer a true umbrella product with useful coverages like Internet libel, personal defense and worldwide liability. COVID-19 may be driving a short-term decrease in miles driven,

New Vehicle Ownership, Driving Laws

Almost every year there are a large number of new California laws affecting vehicle owners and drivers, and 2020 is no exception. California’s Clean Air Vehicle Decal Program has changed. Qualifying low- and zero-emission vehicles can use the high-occupancy vehicle or diamond lanes, regardless of how many people are in the vehicle.

Protecting Your College Student From On-Campus Losses

Preventative measures, safety precautions – and the right insurance – can bring peace of mind. With burglaries constituting approximately 50 percent of all on-campus crimes, it's important for college students and their parents take steps to prevent theft, adhere to safety measures—and review their insurance coverage. Contact an insurance professional (like me)

Will the Commercial Auto Market Improve?

With the auto sector taking rate increases, what are business owners doing to minimize the increase to their bottom line? What procedures are they putting in place to minimize the rate increase? What does the future look like and how will auto rates impact future budgeting cost for business

Be Prepared: Adding Teenage Drivers to Your Auto Policy

As sure as the sun rises in the morning and every day ends with a “y”, sooner or later parents will add their teenage children to the family auto insurance policy. It can be a challenging time, but it doesn’t have to be. Parents may be confident about their teen’s

Super Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers are responsible for more auto accidents than any other age group. Let that sink in: drivers aged 16-19 have more accidents than drivers older than them, Many accidents could be prevented if young people practiced safer driving techniques, keeping themselves (and their passengers) safe on the road. Plus, they’ll

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance – Part One

Before you hit the road in California you must have auto insurance and be able to prove it. Like millions of insured drivers on the road, you pay a premium to an insurance company but, like most drivers, you haven’t filed a claim in years. But that’s how insurance works. If

Top Tips for Parents to Share with Teen Drivers

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing your teen take their first solo drive down the road without you. Chances are, you’re a mix of emotions swirling between pride and anxiety. Will they remember everything you or their driver’s ed teacher taught them? Since your teen is still in learning mode,

How To Stay Safe While Driving At Night

Summer has ended and with the upcoming time change, many of us will drive home from work in the dark. According to the National Safety Commission (NSC), more than 50% of fatalities for vehicle occupants 16 and older occur between 6pm and 6a,. Safeco Insurance put together some helpful tips