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California Wine Industry, Growers Face New Work Comp Requirements

The California wine industry absolutely depends on temporary workers during the harvest season – a relationship that will certainly be tested in the years ahead. Whether you use a labor leasing company, staffing agency, or you hire temp workers on your own, new Workers’ Compensation rules have altered the way we

New Law Defines Who Is An Independent Contractor – And Who Is Not

If your business is a California corporation, you should be aware that a new law takes effect January 1, 2020 that changes the definition of who is eligible to be classified as an independent contractor. The Legislature and the Governor has expanded and refined a rule first announced by the California

How a New California Law Impacts Your ACA Compliance Process

As if California employers didn’t have enough to worry about, according to The ACA Times, employers may have another level of complexity coming their way in regards to “contract workers” and compliance with the Affordable Care Act. When California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) becomes law this January, employers will be required

Are you satisfied with your workers’ compensation renewal and the renewal process?

I often hear from business owners and decision makers that renewing their insurance program is a frustrating and costly process. “Frustrating” because they rarely receive new insights into: New opportunities for financing their insurance program How to improve outcomes What’s new in the marketplace Most important, how you, your employees and

Work Comp Rates Are Rising Again. What to do?

What Van Beurden Insurance predicted has come to pass: Workers’ Compensation Insurance rates are going up, up, up. It was inevitable. The cycle between rates up and rates down used to be abrupt and surprising, but now, after Work Comp was stabilized in California several years ago; the rise in rates