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When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Employee Handbook?

Employee handbooks are an essential part of effective HR management.  Handbooks are also an important risk management tool.  Since employee handbooks are not required by law, organizations may determine the best method and most effective means to communicate important HR-related information to their employees. An employee handbook should help reduce risk

HR Technology Solutions

Whether you’re a startup or a small to medium business you’ll no doubt already have experienced the dreaded mountain of paperwork that comes with ensuring the smooth running of all your HR processes. If done manually, this paperwork can see you (literally) pulling your hair out, which is where our

Legislation to Fear – AB 1897

There have been numerous veiled attempts to place workplace state compliance issues and labor law violations at the feet of the clients of Farm Labor Contractors. Various state legislators (usually from Los Angeles for some reason) have been chipping away at the protections provided farmers who decide to utilize farm labor

How important is it to hire the right employees?

The difference between hiring the right employees and hiring the wrong employees is usually the difference between a successful business and a failed business. At Van Beurden Insurance, we have developed a process to help you avoid the consequences of a bad hire – which happens more often than most of

Current or Former Ullico Casualty Work Comp Policyholders

Your Mod is at Risk As you may already know, Ullico Casualty Insurance Co. has been placed in liquidation and the Department of Insurance for the State of Delaware is currently handling this liquidation. Unfortunately, claims and payroll information for the various businesses that Ullico insured is not being sent to the

IRS: Vast Majority of Independent Contractors are Mislabeled

Forbes reports that the IRS is taking a much closer look at workers labeled as “independent contractors,” and that could mean potential trouble for employers. When employers pay independent contractors, there’s no income tax withholding, no employment taxes – it’s the responsibility of the worker to pay taxes. Even assuming that

Dual Wage Disaster – WCIRB Considers Rate Threshhold Increases

If you’re a subcontracting company for excavation, plastering, stucco and sewer construction, you may be seeing a huge increase in your Workers’ Comp premiums next year. Here’s why: A proposed change to the dual wage classification system is going before the Governing Committee in August. If the insurance commissioner adopts the

What Can I Do To Minimize A Work Comp Claim?

This is a question that I hear a lot. My response, be nice. Once a worker is injured, they begin a journey that is usually a new one. They have many questions as to what will happen to them. Will I lose my job? How much will I have to pay for medical