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Health Care Reform Encourages Wellness Programs

One  important aspect of the new health care reform legislation is funding for Wellness Grants.

Starting in 2011, employers with under 100 employees will have access to a $200 million fund available to help pay for Wellness Programs.  We will keep you informed as more details emerge, but this development should remove any last obstacles you may have as a business owner to implementing a viable Wellness Program now.  Our agency has one of the most effective Wellness Programs available anywhere, VeryWell Health, and for around $10 per employee per month, you will see results that make the decision to move forward a no-brainer.  The premium savings generated from an effective Wellness Program on both your Group Health Insurance Plan and Workers Compensation Insurance program are substantial and are documented on our website, Please take a look and contact us for further information.

Erik Van Beurden

Chief Executive Officer | Kingsburg