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Share the Road with Motorcycles & Scooters

With nice weather upon us, there are more motorcycles and scooters sharing the road — so remember to take these extra precautions:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly half of all fatal motorcycle crashes, including scooters, involve another type of motor vehicle. Motorcycle safety isn’t just for riders. Watch for ways you can help keep cyclists safe on the road.

Allow more following distance. Motorcycles and scooters should be given an increased following distance because they are lighter and can stop more quickly than most vehicles.

Check blind spots. Motorcycles and scooters can easily be hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot. Inspect all mirrors and spaces around the vehicle before changing lanes or turning.

Use a signal when turning or merging. This allows the person riding to anticipate traffic movement and find a safe lane position.

Never share a lane with a motorcycle or scooter. It may appear like there’s enough space for a car and a motorcycle or scooter to share the same lane, but there’s not. Motorcycles and scooters need enough room to safely maneuver around problems in the road.

Help everybody stay safe on the roads this summer!

Carrie Van Beurden