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Tips for a Safer Halloween

Even if your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat on their own, they still need help from parents to ensure that when they leave the house, they have everything they need to stay safe. Consider these tips:

  • Be sure your child takes a working flashlight along or a supply of glow sticks to ensure they’re visible from near or afar.
  • Make sure the kids take a fully charged cell phone so they can dial 911 or call for help in the event of an emergency.
  • Remind your kids to walk only on sidewalks and to take extra caution when crossing streets.
  • Make sure their costume does not impede their vision. If they can’t see where they’re going, they’re that much more likely to get in the path of an oncoming car.
  • Don’t let your kids trick-or-treating by themselves. If they don’t have a group of friends to go with then you go with them.
  • Set a curfew for your older kids and have them stick to a certain route or particular neighborhood. That way you will have an idea of where they are.

If you happen to be out and about on Halloween make sure you have safety in mind as well.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled and be hyper-vigilant for kids who might not have been familiarized with the tips above. Slow it down, especially when driving through suburban neighborhoods, and never assume that a child in a costume can see you. Remember, not everyone is as cautious with their kids on Halloween as you might be.

Carrie Van Beurden