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One Simple Change Could Reduce Your Ladder Fall claims by 60+%.

What if I told you that one $4 change could reduce the incidents of field ladder falls by 60+%? Do you think that this might have an effect on the overall cost of your Workers Compensation coverage?

The 2013 WCIRB Report on 2013 California Workers Compensation Losses and Expenses reports that in the 2011 loss year, 26% of all claims were Slip and Fall claims. This accounted for Indemnity losses of $230,132,730 and Medical Costs of $383,333,568.  Making this the single largest claims cost driver, at a cost of $613,466,298 to fully insured companies and self-insureds alike.

Fall from Ladder claims make up nearly 50% of all claims in the 0016 Orchards Class Code, and usually account for more than that in total cost of annual claims. In 2011 the average cost of a Slip and Fall Injury was $74,613 per injury.

After working with a safety specialist on this problem for 2 years, we have finally seen results of this change in hard numbers, and it is pretty astounding. A client of mine had a 4 year ladder fall average of 10.25 per year. The year after the change was fully implemented; this longtime client had 3 ladder falls during the loss year.

Taking into consideration that the client increased its workforce by 20% over the same year and a half time period after the change was made, further bolsters our conclusion on this.

If you would like more information on how this was done, and would like a thorough review of your losses to identify this and other areas that can be improved, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to start a discussion with you on this. I would also like to discuss  the many other ways that Van Beurden Insurance can help you contain your Workers Compensation costs.

Guy Teafatiller

Vice President | Kingsburg