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Does Your Insurance Cover Your College Student’s Dorm?

School is back in session, which means for many it’s time to pack up the incoming freshman’s belongings and move them into their first year at college. What a lot of parents don’t consider though is if your student’s belongings are covered through your insurance policy. Having insurance for your college student could mean being covered for laptops, bicycles, smartphones, and other crucial items they need – and could lose – during their collegiate career.

According to the FBI, in 2015, there were over 9,700 reported acts of property crime at California colleges alone. This doesn’t take into account the situations where the authorities were not notified, so the number could very well be much higher. Having said that, it would be beneficial to understand what coverage options can be considered.

Primary Home Policy Coverage

Most homeowner policies will cover a student while they are living on-campus, but note that this is completely different than living in their own apartment located near campus. However, be sure to check what the policy entails. Some only allot a certain percentage of coverage for personal property for the student; so don’t assume that just because you have a primary home policy that it means the student is fully covered.

Renters Insurance

For those with a student living off-campus, having a renters policy could be just what you need. It’s a relatively affordable plan though the premiums vary for each type of policy. It provides sufficient liability coverage which can help the student from paying out of pocket for any damages or injuries. Though this seems to be a better option for students living off-campus, it is certainly still available for those living on-campus to provide further coverage as well.

College is difficult enough as it is, so why not gain some peace of mind by investing in the right insurance policy for your student’s needs? After all, today’s average student requires an abundance of high-tech, expensive equipment to help them succeed in school, which means more treasure for a thief to steal. When your student is insured though, you can rest easy knowing they’ll be covered if anything were to happen during their time away at college.

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Brigette Clyborne