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True Pay As You Go Workers Comp

Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc. and Payality, Inc. are proud to announce the introduction of a true “pay as you go” Workers Compensation product.  This is a very important development for both firms and will serve as an excellent management tool for our clients. The “pay as you go” product is a fully integrated Payroll/Work Comp product where the Work Comp coverage is provided by The Hartford. The Hartford is a leader in California Workers Compensation and a major innovator in “pay as you go” comp.

Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc. and Payality, Inc. will make the “pay as you go comp” available through all of our branch offices. Due to our special arrangement with The Hartford, your payroll reporting hassles will become a thing of the past. The Hartford “pay as you go” system is the ultimate in streamline processing.

Please contact me today for a full demonstration of our new “pay as you go” workers compensation product.

Mike Beall

Vice President | Woodland