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“What can I do to reduce my auto insurance costs?”

With the state of today’s economy who is not trying to reduce costs and save money?  Just last night I spoke to a client that lost her job and no longer has to commute 14 miles one way to work.  By adjusting her annual mileage and daily use, we were able to reduce her annual premium by 17%!

To keep your auto insurance affordable, consider the following:

  • Be Good! Points on your driving record can increase your premiums significantly.  If you can attend traffic school, do it!  Be sure that you follow all necessary steps to make sure the violation does not appear on your driving record.
  • Raise your deductibles. Increasing your deductible to an amount you can afford can save on your annual insurance premiums.  Depending on the age of your vehicle and your financial situation, you may want to consider removing physical damage (comprehensive and collision coverage) from older model vehicles.
  • Research the cost of insurance PRIOR to purchasing a new car. Insurance costs can vary significantly.  Finding out the cost of the insurance prior to owning that shiny new sports car may change your mind.
  • Mileage is very important. Make sure your annual miles and commute miles are accurate. Insurance companies determine your rate based on the time you actually spend on the road!
  • Group discounts. Many insurance carriers offer discounts for certain professions or group affiliations.  These discounts can be significant!
  • Payment plan. Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer or Recurring Credit Card payments and many companies will reduce or waive the monthly service fee.  Alternatively, you can pay your annual premiums in full or in fewer installments to avoid monthly service fees all together.
  • Combine your insurance policies. Take advantage of multiple policy discounts for insuring your auto, home, rental and umbrella policies with one company.  Some companies will discount each policy or increase the amount of the discount with each policy line. This is the single most effective way to save on your annual auto insurance costs.

When reviewing your policies the professionals at Van Beurden Insurance Services will always consider the above points to make sure that you are receiving the best value and coverage available.  Please call or email us today to secure your personalized answer to this commonly asked question….

“What can I do to reduce my auto insurance costs?”

Aniek Ramsay

Vice President, Branch Manager | Woodland