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Quit Playing the Quoting Game

High Experience Mod x Low Rate = High Premium

It is very simple math. Your Experience Modification is a multiplier of your rate and your true cost. If your current experience modifier is 125 or more, that is higher than average and extremely higher than your minimum allowable experience mod.  Would you rather shop for the lowest rate or fix your high experience modifier? Or do both at once?

The Professional Work Comp Advisors designation was designed to help businesses gain control of inflated experience modifiers. Our proven methods of reducing frequency, keeping medical control, then correctly and aggressively handling work comp claims when they happen, has helped companies all over California reduce their modifier and then maintain a low mod.

Low Experience Mod x Low Rate = Low Premium

Again, simple math, and let’s face it, rates between insurance carriers may vary a bit, but controlling your mod could save you 60% or more. With rates being at a 15 year low, this is the ideal time for you to evaluate if your current broker has really helped you, and look at other options. All brokers are good at finding a carrier with competitive rates, but none can match our ability to lower your work comp costs through modification management.

We are one of the 10 largest agencies in California and we have access to virtually all of the available workers comp markets including some proprietary markets.  You will get a low rate, but more importantly you will start the process to reduce your modifier, and keep it low for years to come.

If you are ready to take control of your modifier then please call me at (559) 634-7136 or e-mail at

Guy Teafatiller

Vice President | Kingsburg